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Future of Faith Newsletter 013: 🌟📚Get paid to write a book, two dream jobs and an amazing app for communities🚀📱

Thank you to everyone for the amazing support since we announced our full-time move to Future of Faith.  It's meant the world. the field 📱✨ Discover the Salt & Light App! ✨📱

Salt+Light tackles loneliness by empowering small group leaders in local churches 💒 through daily devotionals 📖, prayer tracking 🙏, and personalized spiritual growth plans 🌱. each other 🎧 Check out “The Giving Black Podcast” 🌍: Explore the vibrant world of Black philanthropy with inspiring stories from community leaders. the research 🚀✨ Survey for Youth Ministry Leaders! ✨We're teaming up with The Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary to understand the needs of leaders guiding young people. ! 🌈💥 🌍💻.

Jobs, Grants and Opportunities ! 🌈💥 🌍💻: We've got two dream jobs and our friends want to pay you to write a book

One Last Thing...What We're Reading: Check out the amazing books we're reading. 📚📖📕

For a detailed view, you can read the full newsletter here.

You can see our full newsletter archive here.


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