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Future of Faith Newsletter 012: We were on a podcast, so many opportunities, and lots of people listening with empathy

Welcome to our latest issue, packed with insights and opportunities for meaningful conversations and leadership growth. 🌟📬 the Field 🌍

🌟Alpha USA: Dive into Life-Changing Conversations!🚀 Alpha USA creates warm spaces for deep dialogues about faith, spirituality, and community, connecting hearts worldwide. 🌍❤️ Register for their upcoming conference here. Each Other 🤝

🌟Ideos Institute Leaders Fellowship: Empathy and Adaptiveness! 🌈 Christian leaders gain skills to bridge divides and foster transformative community projects. Learn more here. the Research 📚

🌟Master the Art of Listening: Harvard Business Review highlights how great listeners engage and empathize, crucial for sacred listening. 🌍❤️ Improve your skills for stronger connections.

One Last Thing 🌟🎙️

We were on a podcast! Check out "Better on the Inside" with Jon Pyle. 🎧✨ Discover our journey and insights on faith and sociology. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Dream Job 🌟📋✨

Join the Lumen Christi Institute as a National Programs Coordinator! Coordinate ILN activities, manage reports, and foster relationships. Apply now by emailing your cover letter and resume to

Dream Internship 📸🤝✨

Join the Interfaith Photovoice internship to amplify diverse spiritual voices through photography and social media. Apply now and explore more here.

Get Inspired, Get Involved, and Keep Listening! 🌟👂✨

For a detailed view, you can read the full newsletter here.

You can see our full newsletter archive here.

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