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FoF Newsletter 008: So much to listen to about listening and so many opportunities!

This issue is a little tamer than the last one, but is still full of gems. Dive into our latest issue packed with inspiration and opportunities! 🌈✨ From empowering the next gen with Youth Ministry Consultants 🚀💖, to exploring the profound impact of listening 🎧💫 and prayer in relationships 🙏❤️, we're all about deep connections. Plus, discover Young Futures' mission to navigate the digital age 🌐🔥 and a thrilling job opportunity at Search Institute 🎉💼. It's all here to spark joy and innovation in your journey! 🌟🛠️ For more fantastic insights and to join the movement, check out the full scoop in our newsletter!


For a detailed view, you can read the full newsletter here.

You can see our full newsletter archive here.

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