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FoF Newsletter 006: Goodfaith, Children's Spirituality, Lost listening, and Mapping Spiritual Innovators

🌠🚀 Our friends at Goodfaith, formerly the Center for FaithJustice, (check out the BEAUTIFUL rebrand!) are bringing people together to live out their faith through transformative experiences. 💫🌟🤝💼✨, 👫💫 The incredible folks at Spirituality & Practice are offering this tremendous opportunity with Sandy Eisenberg Sasso. This isn't just any workshop; it's a vibrant journey into the heart of children's spirituality, designed to spark wonder, curiosity, and deep connections 🌈👶📚

📉👂Adam Grant shares a story about the impact of listening, some statistics about listening trends, and some resources to listening methods 🗝️👂.

Our latest Sacred Listening Tool encourages structured, daily check-ins to foster connection and offer support. 🌟📚💞

Be part of the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab's Mapping Spiritual Innovators project. We link to the project, more about the lab, and connect you with a real person to learn more about the initiative!

For a detailed view, you can read the full newsletter here.

You can see our full newsletter archive here.

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