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FoF Newsletter 005: Youth Culture Translated, Emmaus Ecology and More Money

Dominican University's Emmaus Ecology Initiative is sparking a revolution in youth faith engagement, linking ministries and schools for a richer, more inclusive spiritual journey. 🌱🔥's Culture Translator is your go-to for cracking teen codes, complete with a hip calendar to keep you ahead in the cool parent game. 🚀🎶 Mary Clark Moschella's advocating for "beautiful questions" in pastoral care, a transformative approach for deeper connections. 🎧🔗 Heads up on ministry burnout: It's time to balance mission with life, ensuring our best talents thrive. 🔥💼 Lilly Endowment is doling out funds for innovative worship that nurtures young faith, a golden chance to invigorate children's spiritual experiences. 💥🙌

Catch us on the move from D.C. to Europe, eager to connect and share groundbreaking faith initiatives. 🌐✈️ Dive into the future of faith with us, where every insight and innovation leads us closer to a vibrant, inclusive spiritual community. 🙌💫

Stay tuned, stay engaged, and let's transform the future of faith together! 🌟💌

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