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Research Services

We work with mission-aligned organizations to design and implement research programs that inform the work that they're doing, tools to measure impact, and ways to apply insights into action steps that are relevant to their real lives. Our research approach employs our sacred listening practices and is both formative and summative. We listen to each other in divine encounter, systematically, collecting data to learn and using what we find to shape the future. 

Listen to Learn...and Lead


At Future of Faith, we believe in a formative, reflective, and dynamic approach to research. Our method isn't linear. Unlike traditional approaches, we move beyond the typical pre and post measurements that are designed to capture moments in time. Instead, we adopt a formative approach that allows us to gather ongoing insights, helping you make informed, summative decisions throughout your program or initiative.

Rooted in Sacred Listening

Our approach is rooted in sacred listening, a technique that’s research-backed and grounded in social science principles. Sacred listening treats every interaction as a meaningful exchange, helping us to understand deeper narratives and discover useful patterns.

Combining Creative Methodologies

We combine sacred listening with rigorous creative methodologies, or “ways of knowing,” which are inclusive of various contexts. This means we utilize diverse methods creative mediums to engage with our research participants.

Building Relationships and Trust

Our process starts with listening. We engage with individuals and communities, understanding their experiences and perspectives deeply. We know that research is not just about collecting information; it’s about helping you to form relationships and foster trust.

Objective Mapping and Data Collection

We connect with leaders and stakeholders to design the project with our “Objective Mapping” activity so that all voices are heard from the very beginning. We collect data and then listen deeply to what the data are telling us.

Learning and Sharing Insights

We learn and analyze patterns, summarize and share what we’ve learned, so that we can adjust our inquiries, make decisions about the program, or use the information as needed. This involves asking more questions, learning more, sharing findings, and reporting overall learnings.

Building a Sacred Listening Tool

Once we have this foundational understanding, we build a sacred listening tool that you can use to keep listening and learning. This tool aligns with the objectives of the project established in the Objective Map and reflects the learning we’ve done throughout.

Continuous Engagement and Real-Time Adaptation

This continuous engagement allows us to adapt and refine our approach in real-time. We’re not just waiting for the end of a project to evaluate; we’re learning and leading throughout the process.

Empowering Well-Informed Decisions

This formative approach empowers us to make well-informed, summative decisions. We’re not only capturing data points but also creating a rich, nuanced understanding of the communities we serve.

Building Consensus and Reflecting Values

Our approach is powerful because it helps build consensus and buy-in for future action. It reflects the values of your organization and informs ongoing practice, creating a shared vision.

Comprehensive, Compassionate, and Actionable Insights

By deeply engaging with the people we study, using both sacred listening and creative methodologies, we’re able to lead with insights that are comprehensive, compassionate, and actionable. This ensures our research is not only rigorous but also inclusive and transformative.


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