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How it all started


We develop and curate resources to help connect current and future generations with their faith lives. Our tools and resources support future connections to faith life by fostering sacred listening, gathering information with wonder and curiosity, and scaling meaningful relationships. We also elevate the work of others who are listening deeply and are committed to building the pathway to the future of faith. 

Origin Story

No more big data.  Future of Faith is a collective effort to bolster one community at a time by helping them listen and love in real, dedicated ways that help leaders connect strategically with the people they care so much about.

We have devoted our careers to telling the stories of religious people and movements across this country through research.  As a professor, Josh's research agenda focused on collecting data and shining a light on people often left out of traditional church structures.  More recently, we both helped to found the only national research institute dedicated to the understanding the religious and spiritual lives of young people.  Together, we have conducted nearly a hundred individual studies, amassed the largest dataset about religion and young people and spoken to tens of thousands to share research findings.

All of that research, data, statistics and stories are interesting, but we were not so sure how USEFUL it’s been to the people who have boots on the ground every day. While it's important for some to know what’s going on in the entire country, what most people really need to know is what’s going on in their community with the people they lead, serve, and teach.

We are committed to using our expertise as sociologists and researchers to help others explore and reimagine the future of faith in their communities. The resources and tools in this site are one piece of a much larger movement to rekindle the wonder of faith and spark curiosity that leads to engagement in a meaningful faith life.

Future of Faith is proud to be a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, operating in the state of Colorado. We are committed to transparency, accountability, and service. Additionally, we have a robust safeguarding policy in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals we serve. This policy reflects our dedication to creating a secure and supportive environment, prioritizing the protection of vulnerable groups and upholding the highest ethical standards in all our activities. Click the button below to see our Safeguarding Policy.

The Team

Josh Packard


Josh Packard, Ph.D., is  one of the foremost experts in the spiritual lives of modern American youth and an accomplished researcher in the sociology of religion and new forms of religious expression. He has authored numerous books and articles in both popular and academic outlets. His most recent publication is "Faithful Futures: Sacred Tools for Engaging Emerging Generations" (forthcoming) and can be found on the "Resources" page of this website. Learn more about Josh at

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Megan Bissell

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Megan Bissell is an applied sociologist, specializing in organizations and group dynamics. She has worked closely with young people to understand their experiences of community and belonging. She brings years of experience leading research teams in designing and implementing research projects for organizations and individuals. Megan authors and designs the Sacred Listening Tools and helps organizations conduct their own research. 

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